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Agbar Foundation / News / Ramon Estruch: "The Mediterranean diet has very beneficial effects to prevent cardiovascular disease"

25 June 2014

Ramon Estruch: "The Mediterranean diet has very beneficial effects to prevent cardiovascular disease"

The talk, entitled "The Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular health in the 21st century", was presented by Agbar’s Executive Chairman, Angel Simón, who recalled the benefits of a diet "declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010". In this respect, Angel Simón requested "more food education in schools" in order to spread healthy food habits from childhood.

Both Agbar’s Executive Chairman and Ramon Estruch highlighted the figure of the United States scientist Ancel Keys, considered to be the promoter of the Mediterranean diet and the studies on its incidence on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. According to Estruch, this eating pattern, together with a lifestyle and climate favouring the practice of physical activity, means that the Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain are at much less risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. For Estruch, the Mediterranean diet should be based on "high consumption of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, cereals, nuts, pulses, and a moderate consumption of fish, white meat (chicken), eggs and wine, and a low intake of dairy products, red meat, processed meat products and sweets".

New editions of the Water Circle are planned for this year. The next one will be on 14 July in the Agbar Tower with the participation of the Abbot of Montserrat. And, in the autumn, we will have the presence of David López Salido, Deputy Associate Director of the United States Federal Reserve. You can consult all the information about the Water Circle’s activities on the website

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