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Agbar Foundation / News / Màrius Carol: “As quality newspapers, we are obliged to explain why things happen, both in the paper and in the digital edition”

29 June 2016

Màrius Carol: “As quality newspapers, we are obliged to explain why things happen, both in the paper and in the digital edition”

The journalist, writer and Editor of La Vanguardia, Màrius Carol, participated at lunchtime today, in the Ciutat de l’Aigua of Barcelona, in a new edition of the Water Circle. In the talk, entitled “Journalism, between the paper trench and the digital cloud”, Màrius Carol stressed the importance of paper newspapers despite the growing importance of digital newspapers and the Internet: “686 million printed newspapers are sold in the world, read by 2 billion people each day, while digital newspapers are consulted by around 800 million people”. Despite this, he warned that “between 2010 and 2014, sales fell by 21% in Europe and by 8% in the United States. However, in the emerging markets, such as China, paper newspapers have a growing number of readers”.

“The emergence of digital newspapers has greatly changed the media. Information has been globalized and it is now presented with great immediacy. The Internet means that readers want to interact with the media, and this is good. Thanks to this, in our digital addition we have 200 people around the world acting as correspondents”, indicated the Editor of La Vanguardia. For Màrius Carol, “paper newspapers have the advantage that they can better organize and prioritize the information. They moreover have greater credibility and prestige”. In any case, he remarked that “as quality newspapers, we are obliged to explain why things happen, both in the paper and in the digital editions”. In this respect, he indicated the challenge of charging for the digital edition, as occurs with titles such as The New York Times, because “quality information is paid for, and this is the DNA of La Vanguardia”.

The Editor of La Vanguardia positioned the beginning of the crisis of paper newspapers above all starting from 2006 and 2007: “A good part of the small advertisers left the paper and migrated to the Internet. This obliged us to reinforce our digital edition”. At present, this benchmark newspaper’s digital edition has 24 million unique visits per year, and is the third most read in Spain. “60% of our visitors are from outside Catalonia and, among these, 20% from outside Spain. The network allows us to be global, but must not make us forget our responsibility as a local newspaper, committed to the territory. We therefore have local editions of La Vanguardia digital around Catalonia”.

Angel Simón, Agbar’s Executive Chairman, presented the speaker in an event that could be followed live on the twitter account of the Agbar Foundation and with the hashtag #CercleAigua.

Màrius Carol has been the Editor of La Vanguardia since December 2013. He formed part of various news desks and has held management positions with El Periódico, El País and La Vanguardia, where he also managed the Sunday Magazine. He has been the newspaper’s diplomatic correspondent, following the activity of the Royal Family, and Communication Director of the Godó Group. A current affairs commentator on radio and television, he has obtained various prizes for novels, including the Premi Ramon Llull 2002 for Les seduccions de Júlia and the Premi Prudenci Bertrana 2009 for L’home dels pijames de seda. He was also awarded the Premio Así Fue 2004 for the essay El enigma Dalí, a figure on which he is a specialist. His latest work is Un estiu a l’Empordà, which for several weeks has been at the top of the list of bestselling books in Catalonia.

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